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Over the past ten years, Barbara Moody has had six solo shows at Kingston Gallery in Boston. She recently completed two large-scale mural projects for a corporation in Fall River, MA, and completed a 27-foot wall drawing for Seven: A Performative Drawing Project at Montserrat College of Art. Her work has been included in exhibitions in California, New York, Minnesota, and Chicago, as well as the DeCordova Museum, Mills Gallery, and Albright Gallery in Massachusetts.

Barbara earned M.Ed. and Ed.D. degrees from Harvard University, as well as a BFA from Syracuse University. She is a Professor at Montserrat College of Art, where she also served as Dean for nine years.


Painting, for me, is like an excavation site. As I develop layers of line and color and idea, some images are buried and new ones emerge. During the process, I discover meaning in the disparate clues and create a new "civilization" as a painting.
Although my work appears diverse in style and content, each body of work may comprise up to 70 paintings or drawings. A sudden intense curiosity usually leads me from one theme to the next. Recent themes include ropes and knots, piles, animal forms, and transformations of nature that create mystery and meaning. As I "excavate" each theme, the element of surprise keeps me engaged.    

While the conceptual themes change, my work usually contains some consistent visual elements like dense, tangled lines, mark-making with unconventional tools, and the integration of both representational and abstract elements.  

— Barbara Moody